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Your Investment

To give you an idea of what to expect and whether my services are within the budget you've set here is some pricing information as a guideline.

Minimum Spend

Our minimum spend is £100 Excl. delivery for 2024 and £1500 for 2025/26 for bespoke weddings, for smaller weddings personal flowers can be purchased via our online shop with no minimum spend.


Average Spend

An average Muck Home & Floral couple spends £1,800 on their wedding flowers with us, but that doesn't mean this is your starting point, most of our couples fall anywhere from £1,500-£5,000.

No matter how much you're choosing to spend on your flowers Muck Home & Floral will design something that suits your taste and your budget as well as complementing your venue.

Below is a table with a rough idea of what certain price ranges could cover!


What should I know before booking?

Designing your wedding flowers within your budget is all about shimmying things around and prioritising, with the following two pieces of information we can work together to do this easily:

1. What is your approximate maximum spend?

2. What are your priorities when it comes to flowers? is this personal flowers, centrepieces, a gorgeous installation?

Beige Minimal Business Timeline Diagram Graph-2.jpg

Let's Work Together

Start your floral journey now by clicking the link below to begin your enquiry.

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