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Wedding flowers - spend or splurge?

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Where to cut back and where to go all out on your wedding florals to create impact without breaking the bank - tips from a wedding florist who is also planning her own 2024 wedding!

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Ok, so wedding flowers can be expensive, Particularly if you want to make a big impact! This isn't by any means a guide on how to get super cheap flowers, if you want good quality florals designed and created by a professional then you'll have to spend some money...But hopefully sharing some of my personal tips will help you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to your wedding florals!



  • The bridal bouquet - this is going to be in a lot of your wedding photos, so you want it to be gorgeous! You might even be looking to preserve your bouquet in some way after the day so having beautiful flowers here is key! When you get your quote back the bridal bouquet may seem expensive relatively speaking, but it's totally justified because it always holds the most beautiful florals and the time and love that goes into it really is second to none!

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  • A statement piece for your ceremony and/or reception - whether this is an arch, floral cloud, aisle runner or something else, not only will you likely be able to repurpose between ceremony and reception, but this is the sort of thing that will look show stopping in the photos of your day! Many people say the key place to invest in your wedding is your photographer and I agree, but having a gorgeous back drop for your photographer to shoot is important too and flowers can be such a huge part of creating this. And it won't just be in your professional photos you'll see this, often if you repurpose an installation piece for the reception it will become the backdrop for many of your guests selfies and snaps.

  • Confetti - personally, I think large fresh petal confetti is the most beautiful option for that gorgeous confetti shot, so it's worth the extra cost vs dried or paper! It's also so much fun as a guest grabbing a big handful and it smells divine!



  • Buttonholes and corsages - although these are lovely to have and help your guests feel included they make very little impact on your day - consider keeping them just to your bridal party to keep costs down, it's so easy to get carried away here!

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  • Bridesmaids bouquets - once the ceremony is over and a few photos have been taken then these tend to get abandoned so I always recommend one of two things: 1. go for posies or corsages instead - your bridesmaids will still have something to distinguish them but you won't be spending lots of money on it so it won't hurt as much when you see them sat on the side after the ceremony... 2. Still go for a bridesmaids bouquets, but hire some vases to reuse them in - they can go either as venue decor by your signage, on the cake table etc or even as centrepieces!

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  • Table centrepieces - centre pieces can be super impactful if you're going big, however if this isn't your style go super simple with bud vases and candles - these can then be repurposed later in the evening around the bar or buffet and are low labour and therefore a fairly cost effective option! You can also go as light touch or as abundant as you want with them.

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Another great way to save is by having cheaper (and more in-season) flowers in the same colour palette in your centrepieces or any installations that at height (clouds) - the flowers will still blend in as the style and colour will match, but this will save you some pennies too!

One final top tip, if you want to get the most out of your florals - opt for dried! Dried and preserved florals can sometimes turn out a little more expensive than fresh, however they can be gifted and kept for years to come and live on not just in your wedding photos.

Photo: Emily Jayne Weddings -

Hope these tips are helpful, what are your top tips?

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